GG Augmented Reality screenshot

GG: Authoring Tool for the Creation of Soccer Highlights

by Dimitrios Doukoglou and Panagiotis Theologou

Recreate and relive your team's finest moments with just a few mouse clicks.
Unity Game Engine Inspector view

Requirement Analysis

Software Used:

Authoring Environment

Authoring Environment Screenshot 1
GUI Button with Path Trace
Additional screenshots: Authoring Environment Screenshot 2Authoring Environment Screenshot 3

Playback Environment

Playback Environment Screenshot 1
Simulates the experience of watching a video file.

Supported Commands:

  • Move
  • Pass
  • Long Pass
  • Shoot
  • Header
  • Wait


Additional screenshots: Playback Environment Screenshot 2Playback Environment Screenshot 3

Command Synchronization

Command Execution Flow Chart

Save - Load Function

Unity scripting is built on MONO, the open-source implementation of the .NET framework. As a result, XML Serialization was used for the Save - Load function. Only data, not GameObjects can be serialized. The following class was defined:

class PlayerClass { }

Only the data absolutely necessary for the recreation of the scene is saved.

Possibilities for Further Development